Get inspired by these amazing Before and After kitchen, bathroom and office makeovers, and start planning a remodel of your own.


Before - A Cookie Cutter Kitchen:

Linda’s kitchen before the remodel: "There was not one thing in the kitchen I wanted to keep. The cabinets, Island, tile floor, appliances, front door and windows all had to go."

After - A Fresh, Contemporary Space:

An East meets West fusion that maximizes the space and brings the decor into the 21st century!


Before - Outdated and Cramped:

The homeowners wanted a bigger kitchen that they could use to entertain friends and family while enjoying views of the waterfront. Cabinets, countertops, appliances and tile were all headed to the dumpster!

After - Sleek and Spacious:

By adding ceiling height, removing walls and creating an open space, the kitchen area was truly transformed. New cabinetry, granite counters, appliances and layout make the kitchen feel more alive!


Before - Master Bathroom in a Box:

The master bathroom had dated cabinetry and fixtures, cramped access, and completely lacked any distinctive features.

After - A Luxurious Oasis:

By removing walls, restructing layout, and adding more open space features, the master bath is transformed into a calming space of luxury for the homeowners.


Before - Office Plopped in A Bedroom:

The offce looked more like a spare bedroom than a workspace. With unmatched furniture and haphazard layout this space off the entryway went virtually unnoticed.

After - Professional Space:

With the installation of rich-toned custom cabintery and a space-maximized layout, the office transforms into a tasteful place of business.


Before - Guest Bath Filled with Blah:

The guest bath had no character and outdated accessories, leading visitors to believe the homeowners had no vision or design sense.

After - A Lavatory That Makes A Statement:

By adding an updated shower, a low-flow toilet and a knock-out basin, the room now packs the punch that lets guests know these homeowners know their stuff.


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